We’re a small team. Everyone wears many hats, and we seek input and feedback from everyone on the team. We all get a voice on any and all things we care about, and everyone’s opinion is deeply valued and respected. To that end, we’re looking for other folks who are highly collaborative and communicative. We set egos aside and invite open feedback and discussion. Creativity is an iterative process, and we all understand that we’re on the same team working together to make the best possible experience for our players. Our collective brain is better than any of our brains individually.

Flexibility and work-life balance are very important to us. We believe happy, healthy developers make better games—full stop. You have commitments and passions outside of work and games, and so do we! We’ve all done the crunch treadmill, and we want to build something better. Games are cool, but life is cool too.

As a powerful emotional medium, games can provide hope, introspection, and positivity. All creative works carry a message, and it’s important to consider the social and ethical ramifications of what we make. We know that the best way to do this is with a diverse team, so we especially encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

Our team works on video chat during core hours to emulate the feel of working in a “real” physical office; so we’ll need you to be within a North American time zone (PST–ATL).